September 2021 Blog Income Report: $1241.57

Income Report for September 2021

The following income report is for the blog that I run at I’m sharing it here to show my progress in figuring out how to make a blog/website successful!

September STATS:

Note: The numbers in parentheses are from last month. I’m retrieving these numbers from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush, Convertkit, and my social media platforms.

Pageviews: 31,735 (34,595)

Sessions: 26,367 (28,983)

Users: 23,257 (25,661)

Organic Sessions (Google):  8782 (8284)

Social Sessions: 8897 (11,146)

Mailing List Subscribers: 5837 (5874)

Social Media

Pinterest Followers: 6.1k (6k)

Facebook Followers:  5.8k (5.7k)

Facebook group members: 640 (621)

Twitter Followers:  3.4k (3.4k)

Instagram Followers: 950 (910)

Tik Tok Followers: 250k (247k)

Total Social Media Followers: 266k (263k)

Posts published: 5 (2)

Google Search Console stats

Google Search Console total impressions: 297k (286k)

Google Search Console total clicks: 7.5k (6.83k)

Average Click through rate: 2.5% (2.4%)

Average Position: 23.9 (25.4)


Organic search: 5k (4.3k)

Backlinks: 7.7k (6.5k)

Organic keywords: 3552 (3118)

MOZ Domain Authority: 25 (26)



Mediavine: $782.56 ($784.24)

Pageview RPM: $29.61 ($27.06)


Note: I’m reporting everything in US Dollars.

Amazon US: $84.71 ($55.25)

Amazon CANADA: $1.90 ($5.31)

Amazon UK: $13.44 ($18.12)

Amazon OVERALL: $100.05 ($78.68)

I finally had a $100 month from Amazon. I’ve been trying for this for so long, so I’m really pleased this happened in September. I attribute some of this to bounties from the Amazon Audible subscription service.

Betterhelp: $225 and 10 conversions ($0 and 5 conversions)

ShareASale: 0 (0)

Awin:  $26.43 ($35.11)

Clickbank: $0 ($0)

Rakuten: $0 ($0)

Social Pro Now: $37.85 ($37.85)

CJ Affiliate: 0

Skimlinks: 0

Affiliates Overall: $398.01 ($151.64)


Teachable Products

Total Teachable Revenue: $49 ($262)

Social Anxiety Masterclass:  0 sold (2 sold)

Art Therapy-Inspired Coloring Bundle: 0 sold (0 sold)

CBT + Mindfulness Workbook Tripwire4 sold (10 sold)

CBT Workbook: 0 sold (0 sold)

Mindfulness Workbook: 0 sold (0 sold)

Social Skills Workbook: 0 sold (0 sold)

Social Skills Workbook (Tripwire at $7 each): 1 sold (2 sold)

Self Confidence Journal: 0 sold (0 sold)

Etsy Products

Total Etsy Revenue: $12 ($6)

Sunburst Gratitude Worksheet: 2 sold (1 sold)

Rainbow Set of 12 Gratitude Worksheets: 0 sold (0 sold)

Products overall: $61 ($268)

Total income: $1241.57 ($1203.88)

Income per subscriber: $0.21 ($0.20)

Income per thousand pageviews: $40.03 ($35.40)

An interesting side note: When I first started working for I earned a flat monthly fee of $750 per month PLUS $1 per 1000 pageviews. Yes, that site gets a ton of traffic, but still! I’m making $40 per 1000 pageviews now. I just need the traffic.

Monthly expenses:

Email (Convertkit): $99

: $13.60 (use  and discount code KSDISC to save 20%)

Teachable: $39

Canva: $13.54

WordPress Support from iMark Interactive: $27

Conversion AI: $28.68 (I dropped it for part of the month)

Bluehost: $17.99

When I first started the site, I got the domain and hosting from Bluehost. I still have my domain with them so this is paying for the domain renewal. I recommend starting out with Bluehost for your domain and hosting if you’re just getting started! The price is very reasonable and it’s easy to get started.

Total expenses: $238.81 ($337.42)

Net blog income: $1002.76 ($866.46)

Thoughts about this month’s income report:

I’m reasonably happy with this month’s income report aside from the low number of product sales. However, I was not focusing on this area during this month.

Did I Meet my Goals for September

I had no goals other than to keep writing posts according to the Project 24 timelines. I achieved this goal in September.

Goals for October:

  • Continue to write P24 posts.

Back Burner Goals:

These continue to be the same.

  • Affiliate launch for Audible audiobook subscription
  • Work on finishing Stupid Simple SEO
  • Add to my Etsy Shop
  • Run Facebook Ads
  • Create more Products
  • Focus on Instagram profile (improving)
  • Add an affiliate program in Teachable
  • Work through Income School Project 24
  • Hundredaire Challenge (from Faith Mariah)

Do you want to learn to start your own blog? I’ve put together my ultimate guide to starting a blog in this post.

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