March 2023 Blog Income Report: $1669.68

Income Report for March 2023

Welcome to my March 2023 blog income report! Here I am reporting on the income I have made from my primary website About Social Anxiety.

March STATS:

Note: The numbers in parentheses are from the same month in the previous year. I’m retrieving these numbers from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush, Convertkit, and my social media platforms.

Pageviews: 55,913 (49,754)

Sessions: 49,359 (42,431)

Users: 44,634 (36,787)

Organic Sessions (Google):  22,536 (10,589)

Social Sessions: 15,310 (16,990)

Mailing List Subscribers: 4867 (6074)

My mailing list subscribers decreased because I removed cold subscribers (who hadn’t engaged with my emails over a certain period). I did this using an automation inside of Convertkit. Ideally you should do this every six months.

Social Media

As noted in previous months I won’t report these numbers until I’m caught up on these reports (I’m doing retrospectively).

Posts published: 0 (2)

Not sure why I didn’t pubish anything in March 2023.

Google Search Console stats

Google Search Console total impressions: 1.05M (385k)

Google Search Console total clicks: 21.1k (9.56k)

Average Click through rate: 2% (2.5%)

Average Position: 15 (22.2)

Looks like lots of good improvement happened here YOY! I think I would attribute this to signing up for Project 24 (Income School).


I can’t report these retrospectively but will again once I’m caught up.



Mediavine: $1142.80 ($1230.21)

Pageview RPM: $23.08 ($28.79)


Amazon OVERALL: $155.67 ($124)

Note: I’ve decided to stop breaking out the US, UK, and Canadian portion of my Amazon earnings. Suffice it to say that the vast majority of my earnings come from the US program.

Just as a side note, I receive checks from the US and UK Amazon, and a digital gift card from the Canadian Amazon. I signed up for the UK and Canada programs, but I’m not totally sure it’s a good idea.

Yes, it’s nice to get a bit of extra money here and there, and it takes people to their own site. BUT, as a Canadian myself, I dislike when I am taken to the Canadian Amazon, and the product is not available, so I’m not able to actually see the product on Amazon.

I guess it doesn’t matter, but in those cases, I’d rather just be taken to the US site. Since, I can order from the US, and I would get to see what the actual item is.

Hmmm.. I wonder if it’s possible to redirect if the item is not available in the UK or Canada? Something to look into.

Betterhelp: $225 (0) with 11 conversions

I need to do a better job of figuring out where people are clicking through to Betterhelp. I have a disclaimer at the top of each of my emails that mentions the service, but that’s really hard to track. I’m not a fan of not being able to track! I’m a data girl.

ShareASale: $3 ($4.40)

Awin:  $12.21 ($12.72)

Social Pro Now: $262 ($97.50)

Affiliates Total: $432.88 ($658.15)


Teachable Products

Total Teachable Revenue: $73 ($72.38)

This revenue was all from my CBT/Mindfulness tripwire product.

Etsy Products

Total Etsy Revenue: $21 ($15)

This was mostly from my Sunburst Gratitude Printable.

Products overall: $94 ($87.38)

So my product income for March was very low. My overall target for products has been $1000/month for a long time and I have yet to hit that goal!

Total income: $1669.68 ($1317.59)

Income per subscriber: $0.34 ($0.23)

Income per one thousand pageviews: $30.35

So, my blog income improved from March 2022, but was kind of on par with March 2021, which shows me that really things were stagnating quite badly this month! Is the beginning of the year just a hard time to make money? Possibly. I think it’s probably a good time to launch products though because things are so quiet.

Monthly expenses:

  • Email (Convertkit): $99
  • Leadpages: $55.37
  • Jasper AI: $99
  • Teachable: $59
  • Canva: $12.51
  • WordPress Support from iMark Interactive: $27
  • Income School: $24.99
  • Siteground Hosting: $29.99
  • Keysearch: $13.60

Total expenses: $420.46 ($292.83)

You’ll notice my expenses have increased quite a bit. That was from adding in things like using Jasper AI, adding in Leadpages, Income School, etc.

Net blog income: $1249.22 ($1024.76)

So my income in March 2023 was slightly up from 2022 but pretty much flat from 2021. I think this highlights the need for me to create more products to support that end of the business better.

Thoughts about this month’s income report:

It seems like the first quarter of the year is a really slow time for me. I never really noticed this much before because in 2020 things had just started to take off and I’d just recently gotten into Mediavine so I had nothing to compare to. By 2021, things were just growing so again I had no benchmarks.

Then in 2022, I had to mostly walk away from the business the first half of the year due to personal things going on in my family. So, I attributed the poor income that month to me stepping away. But again in 2023, March was a slow month. I’ll have to see what happens in 2024.

Goals for March:

In March 2023 I would have been just writing blog posts according to the P24 strategy.

Goals for April:

In April 2023 I think my goals were still centered around blog post writing, but I was starting to feel the need to have some more support/coaching again. What I ended up doing you’ll see in my later reports for 2023.

Back Burner Goals:

It’s interesting, in March 2022 I was talking about how I needed to get better at planning. Even in March 2023, I was still not on top of planning due to still being in grief over the events of the past few years. But you’ll see in later 2023 reports how I started to take more action.

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March 2023 blog income report

March 2023 Blog Income Report

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