June 2019 Blog Income Report: $21.90

Income Report for June

I was happy to have a record of my income for May, so I’ve decided to continue posting these reports as a way to keep track, stay accountable, and perhaps help someone else in their blogging journey. If I ever “make it,” I’ll have all this information logged and perhaps can put it to use on a separate website. 

Here we go for June. I think I might add in some goals for July at the end too.

Again, if I’ve used a “~” sign it means I didn’t check at the end of the month and it is approximate.


Pageviews: 6261

Sessions: 4667

Users: 4018

Mailing List Subscribers: ~481 (I ran some Facebook ads this month which accounts for the jump) 

Pinterest Followers: ~386

Pinterest monthly viewers (added from last month): 302k 

Facebook Followers: ~4861

Twitter Followers: ~3015

Instagram Followers: ~84 (I tried starting to post to Instagram. Clearly my strategy did not work as followers went down)

Posts published: 8

For example: How to Find the Best Social Anxiety Forum for You

(The following are according to SEMRUSH)

Organic search: 215

Backlinks: 281

Organic keywords: 536 (This almost doubled! Wow)


Advertising (Media.net): $1.25 (down from last month)

Advertising (Infolinks): $0.29 (I actually took Infolinks off because I did not like the ads. I may add it back in)

Amazon: $2.94

Products: $17.42 (I now have two workbooks for sale that I have been selling as a tripwire on Teachable)

Total income: $21.90

Monthly expenses:

Email (Convertkit): $29

Tailwind: $14.99

Keysearch: $13.60

Active Rain: $39

Total expenses: $96.59

Net blog income: -$74.69 (This is more negative than last time)

So, my income rose from last month but so did my expenses.

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