August 2023 Blog Income Report: $3181.44

Income Report for August 2023

Welcome to my August 2023 blog income report!

August STATS:

Note: The numbers in parentheses are from the same month in the previous year. I’m retrieving these numbers from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush, Convertkit, and my social media platforms.

  • Pageviews: 54,593 (37,668)
  • Sessions: 48,781 (32,433)
  • Users: 42,780 (28,881)
  • Organic Sessions (Google):  17,053 (12,718)
  • Social Sessions: 20,911 (9091)

My thoughts overall on this month are that I had some viral Pinterest traffic accounting for the increases, which is hard to sustain. Nice to see though!

Mailing List Subscribers: 5537 (6527)

Note that I did an email list cleanup that resulted in deleting over 2000 subscribers. The last time I did this was 2020, so it makes sense that there were a lot to remove. My open percentage has improved, though it’s disheartening to see my list shrink.

Social Media

Ok! Here are the numbers as of roughly the end of August.

Posts published: 2 (0)

Google Search Console stats

  • Google Search Console total impressions: 676k (515k)
  • Google Search Console total clicks: 13.9k (11.5k)
  • Average Click through rate: 2.1% (2.2%)
  • Average Position: 16.8 (21.3)


  • Moz domain authority (DA): 34
  • Organic search traffic: 5.3k
  • Backlinks: 15.3k



  • Mediavine: $1674.57 ($743.97)
  • Pageview RPM: $34.22 ($22.94)


  • Amazon OVERALL: $110.43 ($134.47)
  • Betterhelp: $0 ($0)
  • ShareASale: 0 (0)
  • Awin:  $3.92 ($23.81)
  • Social Self: $791.50 ($205.50)

Affiliates Overall: $905.85 ($363.78)

It’s interesting, this time last year I was talking about making $1000 through a four-way split of affiliates, being Betterhelp, Social Self, Amazon, and Etsy. I’m so close to hitting $1000 and it’s not at all how I expected it to happen. But that’s okay!


Teachable Products

Total Teachable Revenue: $459 ($68.44)

I used to report the number of each product sold but going forward I’m not going to do that. I’ll just write a blurb if there was something interesting. This month, I had a few masterclass sales as well as some carryover from the July launch so it was a bit higher.

Etsy Products

Total Etsy Revenue: $26.58 ($47)

I will be doing the same for Etsy, where I’ll just write about anything interesting. I’ve been getting a lot of emails from Debbie Gartner about Etsy, she’s making $1000 a month there mostly with smaller digital products. She took the Gold City Ventures course so I’m considering doing that as a next step for Etsy. Also, I’d like to take the PDF fillable and video courses she recommends from Sasha Hutchinson.

Tik Tok Series

Total Tik Tok Series Revenue: $7.96

In June I launched a CBT for Social Anxiety Video Series based on my CBT Workbook. I priced it so low and that audience still complained! I want to do more of them. I’ve sold 30 so far.

Products overall: $601.02 ($115.44)

Total income: $3181.44 ($1223.19)

Income per subscriber: $0.57 ($0.18)

Income per thousand pageviews: $58.91 ($33.05)

Monthly expenses:

  • Email (Convertkit): $99
  • Income School: $24.99
  • Siteground Hosting: $29.99
  • Leadpages: $55.37
  • : $13.60 (use  and discount code KSDISC to save 20%)
  • Jasper AI: $59
  • Teachable: $103.35 ($39)
  • Canva: $12.81 ($13.24)
  • Gold City Ventures: $19.99
  • Your Frugal Friend: $9
  • A Cup of Zen: $20.25
  • WordPress Support from iMark Interactive: $27
  • Linkwhisper Renewal: $57

I had to upgrade my Teachable plan as they made some changes. However, this also allows me to set up an affiliate program, which I really need to do.

The Canva amount changes because it’s in CAD dollars and my payment card is in US dollars.

Gold City Ventures are Etsy specialists, and I bought a PLR planner from them to create a product for Etsy. I’m considering taking their course, and wanted to try out one of their products first.

Your Frugal Friend was another Etsy product that I tried out to see if I wanted to take her courses.

Looks like a went a little Etsy crazy this month. A Cup of Zen was another PLR purchase for a product I created for Etsy.

I didn’t actually realize that Link Whisper was a yearly subscription. I’ll have to assess if I’m still using this tool or if there’s more use I could get out of it.

Total expenses: $531.35 ($418.19)

Net blog income: $2650.09 ($805)

Thoughts about this month’s income report:

Wow! This is my highest month ever. I attribute it to Pinterest taking back off, which is hard to control. However, I have started making one new pin a day so maybe it’s because of that? Let’s hope.

Did I Meet my Goals for August?

I reached my all-time goal for income! Now it’s time to set my sights on $4000 in one month.

Goals for September:

In September I am focusing on making new posts and planning out to the end of the year. I’ll also be making one pin each day. I need to re-start making Tik Toks and perhaps start up making Youtube videos. I am also dabbling in Etsy and making some big new courses. I think I need to narrow down and focus on one thing at a time (which still juggling the things that can’t be stopped).

Do you want to learn to start your own blog? I’ve put together my ultimate guide to starting a blog in this post.

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