April 2020 Blog Income Report: $291.04

Income Report for April 2020

Here’s my April 2020 blog income report! I publish these reports because I’m interested in helping others (and those with social anxiety) learn about different options for working from home. So, I’m literally sharing my journey of trying to turn this website into a profitable enterprise that allows me to work on it full-time.

April STATS:

Note: The numbers in parentheses are from last month.

Pageviews: 26,803 (29,325)

Sessions: 21,197 (23,634)

Users: 19,033 (21,113)

Mailing List Subscribers: 2729 (2502)

Pinterest Followers: 2.2k (2k)

Pinterest monthly viewers: 1.3 million (1.6 million)

Facebook Followers: 5136 (5102)

Twitter Followers:  3196 (3196)

Instagram Followers: 239 (198)

Total Social Media Followers: 10,771

(I didn’t realize that this number had grown so high. I’ll need to update it on my blog homepage).

Posts published: 8 (8)


Organic search: 1.5k (1.3k)

Backlinks: 1.9k (1.7k)

Organic keywords: 1850 (1800)

So, my traffic is still declining a bit. To be honest, I slacked off a bit on my Pinterest strategy in April. Or more accurately, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing wrong because what used to work wasn’t working anymore. Even when I launched four new pins a day, I coudn’t get my traffic to spike as much as it used to. I think this is just due to the current world situation. I’ve actually decided to add Tailwind back in as a back-up of sorts, which you’ll see mentioned later on.



Mediavine: $154.20 ($276.49)

Pageview RPM: $7.27 ($8.29)

My sessions were down, which meant lower revenue, but also my RPMs were down. I think this is again just due to the world situation.


Amazon OVERALL: $53.85 ($45.21)

Note: I’m reporting everything in US Dollars.

Amazon US: $46.00 ($45.03)

Amazon CANADA: $5.70 ($0)

Amazon UK: $2.15 ($0.18)

Betterhelp: $300 ($600)

ShareASale: $0

Awin:  $5.99 ($0)

Awin includes Etsy products, and I had a commission for a hypnotherapy CD for driving anxiety this month (not my product, somebody else’s).

Clickbank: $0

(Through Clickbank I am promoting a specific product that helps people practice EFT for social anxiety. It’s a very niche product but also very expensive, so I expect it to be hard to sell).


Products overall: $77 ($60)

Social Anxiety Masterclass: 0 sold (0 sold)

Note that this course has not been open for enrolment.

Art Therapy-Inspired Coloring Bundle: 1 sold (1 sold)

CBT + Mindfulness Workbook Tripwire: 10 sold (8 sold)

Total income: $291.04 ($954.53)

You guys, the struggle is real. This is not a linear path to success as you can see, especially when the world becomes volatile. But, I have a few things that will be working in my favor in May (including opening up my course again—and leaving it open for darn sake) so I’m optimistic that this drop in revenue is just a blip. In addition to my course opening, I’ll also be adding another product: The Social Skills Workbook.

Monthly expenses:

I’m not including and training/courses/Masterminds in here. But in the month of March, I was enrolled in a Mastermind group hosted by Faith Mariah. This group is helping me to stay accountable (and basically not quit!).

Email (Convertkit): $49

: $13.60 (use  and discount code KSDISC to save 20%)

Teachable: $39

Canva: $12.82

Tasty Pins: -$29

(What the heck happened? If you saw my report from last month I decided to pay for Tasty Pins because I thought it would make my life easier as I try to go through and see what Pins I have descriptions/titles for in my posts.

As it turns out it made my life harder. Some sort of conflict with Elementor meant that Tasty didn’t play well on my site, and it was pulling SEO titles and descriptions instead of the Pinterest ones I was adding.

Needless to say this was just annoying for me so I pulled the plug and they gave me a refund, which was sweet. The bigger issue here though is that I realize I have some growing pains when it comes to my sales pages. I have a Brizy page and I have an Elementor page, and that is most sure slowing down my site. I eventually want to use Leadpages. So should I just jump on the bandwagon now and get rid of Brizy and Elementor? Probably).

WordPress Support from iMark Interactive: $27

Note: I’m using Tailwind again now, but I didn’t sign up until May so it’s not reflected in this report. I wanted a way to spread around my pins in a looping fashion when I can’t do manual pinning. I’m using a strategy recommended by Suzi at Start a Mom Blog.

Total expenses: $114.42 ($409.82)

Net blog income: $176.62 ($544.71)

Thoughts about this month’s income report:

As much as these numbers make me want to cry (not really, I’m not a crier), I have a feeling it’s just the lull before the storm, so to speak. I have a feeling that May is going to go reasonably well if I can get all my ducks lined up in a row.

Goals for May:

  • Finish Elite Blog Academy (Note: I’ve decided this is *less* important right now because of the world situation, etc. I’m actually far enough through the course that I can go slow now, it’s not affecting my growth).
  • Start thinking about my next product launch.
  • Start working through Six Figure Blogger by Create and Go
  • Usual day-to-day tasks

That’s it for this report! If you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear them.

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April 2020 Blog Income Report

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