March 2021 Blog Income Report: $1654.98

Income Report for March 2021

March 2021 was my best month yet! I’m going to let the numbers mostly speak for themselves. This is what happens when I get a boost to my traffic. It’s clear to me that if I had 100,000 pageviews (like some blogs do), I’d be making my current goal of $3000/month.

March STATS:

Note: The numbers in parentheses are from last month. I’m retrieving these numbers from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush, Convertkit, and my social media platforms.

Pageviews: 55,552 (33,952)

Sessions: 46,221 (27,089)

Users: 42,066 (24,761)

Organic Sessions (Google):  9234 (7,626)

Social Sessions: 27,470 (14,025)

Mailing List Subscribers: 3675 (3335)

Well, I had a boost to my traffic in March! It’s was coming from Pinterest and going to my post about magnesium for anxiety. Like all good things in life, it had to end though. Although, I think there is a residual increase that has remained. I’m so pleased to be close to 50,000 sessions in a month!

Social Media

Pinterest Followers: 4.8k (4.5k)

Facebook Followers: 5.5k (5.4k)

Facebook group members: 85 (75)

Twitter Followers:  3.3k (3.3k)

Instagram Followers: 403 (393)

Tik Tok Followers: 1473 (1421)

Total Social Media Followers: 15k (14.5k)

I did very little again this month with social so I am content that numbers are slowly rising.

Posts published: 8 (8)

Google Search Console stats

Google Search Console total impressions: 265k (211k)

Google Search Console total clicks: 7.53k (6.38k)

Average Click through rate: 2.8% (3%)

Average Position: 19.7 (20.7)

It seems as though my Google search is up a little bit but not a lot.


Organic search: 5.6k (5.6k)

Backlinks: 3.5k (3.3k)

Organic keywords: 2369 (2275)

MOZ Domain Authority: 20 (20)



Mediavine: $738.44 ($363.21)

Pageview RPM: $15.98 ($13.41)

This is my highest month ever with Mediavine! My overall goal is to make at least $34/ day and I had several days this month with that much in earnings. This is SO encouraging. I also realized that getting to the next level will be much easier than getting to where I am now.

I also really enjoy reading Mediavine’s articles and tips on how to increase ad earnings. It encourages me to do things to optimize my posts.


Affiliates Overall: $576.54

Amazon OVERALL: $46.17 ($46.78)

Note: I’m reporting everything in US Dollars.

Amazon US: 48.41 ($45.44)

Amazon CANADA: $0.83 ($2.53)

Amazon UK: $2.14 ($1.57)

Betterhelp: $450 ($450)

ShareASale: 0 (0)

Awin:  $58.13 ($36.29)

Clickbank: $0 ($0)

Rakuten: $20 ($0)

Overall there were no stars in the affiliate area, just consistent earnings from each one which added up to a good month. My goal for affiliates is also $34/day or $1000 in one month.


Products overall: $340 ($281)

Teachable Products

Total Teachable Revenue: $322 ($247)

Social Anxiety Masterclass:  4 sold (2 sold)

Art Therapy-Inspired Coloring Bundle: 0 sold (0 sold)

CBT + Mindfulness Workbook Tripwire15 sold (15 sold)

CBT Workbook: 0 sold (1 sold)

Social Skills Workbook: 1 sold (0 sold)

Self Confidence Journal: 0 sold (0 sold)

Etsy Products

Total Etsy Revenue: $18 ($34)

Sunburst Gratitude Worksheet: 1 sold (8 sold)

Rainbow Set of 12 Gratitude Worksheets: 1 sold (1 sold)

So, my goal for products is also $34/day and I did have some days where I earned that. However, products are still my lowest income source despite some growth.

Total income: $1654.98 ($1176.67)

Income per subscriber: $0.45 ($0.35)

This is my best month yet! It’s so encouraging to see and also makes me realize that my goals are not that unattainable after all.

I had worked out that $34/day from ads, affiliates, and products would bring me $3000 in one month, which I consider to be full-time income from the blog.

But, then I started to think about next steps. Which to me would be $4000/month and then $5000/month. And, the daily numbers to do those are $45/day from each sector for $4000/month and $56/day for $5000/month. While I will need to work harder to get there, it’s certainly not impossible and probably easier than it would have been to get to that first level of $34/day.

What I’m trying to say is that it feels like things are going to start to snowball (in a good way) at some point.

Monthly expenses:

Email (Convertkit): $79

: $13.60 (use  and discount code KSDISC to save 20%)

Teachable: $39

Canva: $12.82

Tailwind: $14.99

WordPress Support from iMark Interactive: $27

Facebook Ads: $0

Total expenses: $186.41 ($325.24)

Net blog income: $1468.57 ($851.43)

Just as an aside, I did invest in a 1:1 blog audit this month with Alison Reeves that I have not included here. I consider that an education expense rather than blog expense.

I did not run any Facebook ads because I was trying to fix my currency conversion problem and also because I am raising prices on my products.

Thoughts about this month’s income report:

Overall, I’m not going to say too much about March’s report other than I’m so excited it’s my highest one yet! I know there will be ups and downs, but when you hit a new high that shows you what is possible.

Goals for March:

One out of three ain’t bad? When I don’t do things it generally is because it does not feel aligned in the moment. I couldn’t run Facebook ads until I sorted out some issues and also adjust my pricing. And I’m just not sure about a capsule wardrobe launch. My list is not all women.

  • Publish Phobia Free (DONE)
  • Run Facebook Ads (NOT DONE)
  • Launch GYPO (NOT DONE)

Goals for April:

  • Raise prices on all products & update sales pages
  • Run Facebook Ads
  • Add an affiliate program to my Teachable school
  • Create a new product (Journaling for Social Anxiety Workshop)

As I mentioned, I did a 1:1 intensive with Alison Reeves. Her top recommendation was to double the prices of my products, so that I have more room to move when I offer sales. While I like to keep things affordable, I agreed to go ahead with this.

One of the main reasons I feel it may be helpful is that the workbooks I create require a great deal of research. They are not just made off the top of my head. If I sell a workbook full price for $12, then I need a lower launch price of $6. The reason I haven’t launched any more workbooks is because it is exhausting to make so little money for so much work.

Alison also advised me to be launching a new workshop every other month in place of starting a membership. I agreed with trying this out, because I do not have a clear vision of what a membership would look like for my site.

These new workshops will sell for a full price of $97, in order to launch them at $47. I have no idea whether my audience will buy at this price point.

I’m also unsure whether to run them as a baby seed launch where I sell the workshop and create it afterward? Or whether to create first and then sell.

A lot will depend on whether our schools go back into lockdown. When that happens, I am struggling to do the bare minimum for my blog.

Back Burner Goals:

I’m going to start putting some goals here that I want to work on in the future:

  • Affiliate launch for Audible audiobook subscription
  • Work on finishing Stupid Simple SEO
  • Add to my Etsy Shop
  • Take Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course

Do you want to learn to start your own blog? I’ve put together my ultimate guide to starting a blog in this post.

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