January 2022 Blog Income Report: $1532.16

Income Report for January 2022

Welcome to my January 2022 blog income report!

January STATS:

Note: The numbers in parentheses are from the same month of the previous year. I’m retrieving these numbers from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush, Convertkit, and my social media platforms.

Pageviews: 44,198 (35,513)

Sessions: 36,935 (28,290)

Users: 32,194 (25,813)

Organic Sessions (Google):  9,903 (8,156)

Social Sessions: 14,818 (16,287)

Mailing List Subscribers: 5972 (3100)

Social Media

Because I am making this report (very) retrospectively, I don’t have the actual numbers for my social media following on each of these platforms. Plus, it’s a bit tedious to go and grab each of these numbers each month and I’m not sure how much they help you. So instead, going forward I will just make note of any big changes that happened and list the overall number of social media followers. I won’t be able to do this retrospectively though, so they may not appear until later in the year. For interest sake, I’ve listed my links below.

Posts published: 3 (8) 

Google Search Console stats

Google Search Console total impressions: 361k (199k)

Google Search Console total clicks: 8.8k (6k)

Average Click through rate: 2.4% (3%)

Average Position: 24 (20.7)


Again, as I am doing this retrospectively, I was not able to pull this information. However, I’ll resume publishing in later reports.



Mediavine: $813.98 ($359.15)

Pageview RPM: $21.91 ($12.70)

Now this is interesting! In my January 2021 report, my goal was to make $33 per day from ads. That might have seemed like a lofty goal at the time, but was totally within reach in January 2022.


Amazon OVERALL: $148.43 ($46.78)

Note: I’m reporting everything in US Dollars.

Amazon US: $118.50 ($41.07)

Amazon CANADA: $0.79 ($2.41)

Amazon UK: $29.14 ($3.30)

My goal back in January 2021 was to earn $5 in commission per day from Amazon. I came close to that in January 2022, so that’s amazing to see! Time to start setting some new goals for sure.

Betterhelp: $225 ($0)

In January 2020 and 2021 I didn’t have any Betterhelp signups, but I did this month! That’s great to see.

ShareASale: $8.49 (0)

I’m thinking it might be better to just get rid of ShareASale links and point this to something similar on Amazon. For how little they convert I just don’t think it’s worth it.

Awin:  $26.02 ($24.01)

Back in January 2021 my overall goal for affiliates was $33/day, which I figured should be $5 a day from both Amazon and Awin (the rest from other affiliates). I don’t believe Awin (which is basically Etsy for me) will ever perform this well. I’ll have to consider whether it’s worth keeping.

Clickbank: $0 ($0)

Rakuten: $0 ($0)

I’ve removed all Rakuten links from my site and will remove them from my reports going forward. This is a good affiliate for people who talk about budgeting and money, but it just doesn’t belong on my site. Live and learn! One thing I will say is that it’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. If you have a mental health blog, think long and hard about what aligns with what you are writing about. Sure maybe you could earn some $$ off promoting Rakuten for people to save money, but that’s not why they are on your website and not why they signed up for your email list. For me, finding affiliates that directly relate to my topic, or at least to mental health, is my clear focus now.

Social Pro Now: $68.34

Skimlinks: $14.45

Through Skimlinks I am promoting a breathing necklace called the Komuso shift and Skillshare courses.

Affiliates Total: $490.73


Teachable Products

Total Teachable Revenue: $227.45 ($251)

Social Anxiety Masterclass:  2 sold (3 sold)

Art Therapy-Inspired Coloring Bundle: 0 sold (0 sold)

CBT + Mindfulness Workbook Tripwire7 sold (9 sold)

CBT Workbook: 0 sold (1 sold)

Social Skills Workbook: 1 sold (1 sold)

Self Confidence Journal: 1 sold (0 sold)

Etsy Products

Total Etsy Revenue: $0 ($9)

Sunburst Gratitude Worksheet: 0 sold (1 sold)

Rainbow Set of 12 Gratitude Worksheets: 0 sold (1 sold)

Interestingly, in Janaury 2021, I was charging $2 for my gratitude worksheet. I now charge $6. I also just noticed that my listing ran out of stock again, which happened same time last year. Etsy is all a big experiment to me.

Products Total: $227.45 ($260)

Total income: $1532.16 ($689.94)

Income per subscriber: $.25 ($0.26)

Monthly expenses:

Email (Convertkit): $99

Keysearch: $13.60 (use this link and discount code KSDISC to save 20%)

Teachable: $39

Canva: $13.43

Leadpages: $55.37

Jarvis AI: $59

WordPress Support from iMark Interactive: $27

Total expenses: $306.40 ($186.41)

Net blog income: $1225.76 ($503.53)

Thoughts about this month’s income report:

I more than doubled my year-over-year blog income profit so that’s a very good thing!

Goals for January:

From a finance standpoint I crushed goals! From a task standpoint, I was still underwater I believe in January 2022. My brother passed away in the fall of 2021 and it was an extremely difficult time for multiple reasons. I’m lucky I made any posts I think.

Goals for February:

I think I had no goals other than to keep floating at this point. Now looking back on my goals from January 2021, they were to earn $3000/month in a three-way split between ads, affiliates, and products. I’m not there yet but geez I’m getting a lot closer! It feels like I can achieve that goal in 2023 at the very least.

For ad revenue, I simply need to write more content. For affiliates, I need to add more links to my existing content as well as do a better job of telling my email list about affiliate offers. For products, there is so much upside potential and I literally haven’t made anything in years.

Interestingly, I had many goals back in January 2021 that I don’t even think about anymore. Lots of courses I wanted to take. I thought about going back to do a PhD. I’m not sure we all realize how much the last three years has hit us. (P.S. – I’m writing this in March 2023 as it’s taken me this long to do these reports retrospectively. So, I’m speaking to you from the future).

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