April 2024 Blog Income Report: $932.53

Income Report for April 2024

Welcome to my April 2024 blog income report! Here I am reporting on the income I have made from my primary website About Social Anxiety.

April STATS:

Note: The numbers in parentheses are from the same month in the previous year. I’m retrieving these numbers from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush, Convertkit, and my social media platforms.

  • Pageviews: 22,067 (45,791)
  • Sessions: 18,776 (40,107)
  • Note – I’ve deleted the “Users” metric because I don’t think it adds any information.
  • Organic Sessions (Google):  6751 (18,532)
  • Social Sessions: 7765 (11,703)
  • Mailing List Subscribers: 6265 (4939)
  • New subscribers this month: 110
  • Onsite Conversion Rate (#new subs/#sessions): 0.5%

This is my first time calculating the onsite conversion rate and it’s a little alarming. I was re-listening to some of the “Get Ruthed” coaching episodes from the Do it Scared Podcast (worth listening to!) and I think there are things that I understand better now and so I’m hearing more of it. I should be aiming for at least a 2-3% onsite conversion. This would potentially mean getting 600 new subscribers instead of 100 per month. It’s something to think about how I can increase it. My homepage for sure.

Social Media

As noted in previous months I won’t report these numbers until I’m caught up on these reports (I’m doing retrospectively).

Posts published: 20 (2)

I posted a slew of new posts as I was listening to Mike Futia of Stupid Simple Blogging talking about how he was posting 2-3X posts per day (with hired writers). I also remembered that was how Faith Maria of Radical Transformation Project rapidly grew her blog. I’ve had a couple winners come out of the posting frenzy, however I could not sustain the pace.

Google Search Console stats

  • Google Search Console total impressions: 329k (773k)
  • Google Search Console total clicks: 5.02k (17.7k)
  • Average Click through rate: 1.5% (2.3%)
  • Average Position: 18.9 (15.8)

I absolutely have crashed and burned as a result of the Helpful Content Update. I’ve not found a way to fix this yet and it’s incredibly strange because the impact is not sitewide. For example, I have two posts about books – one about social anxiety books and one about social skills books. The one about social anxiety books has held a ranking in the top 10. The one about social skills books is nowhere to be found. I’ve looked at Keysearch to try and figure out a pattern but I’m still confused.

One thing I did notice is that in the top results are either really big brands or little sites that have either something they are selling (e.g., a psychologist selling therapy who happens to have a blog) or the post is written heavily from the first person perspective.

So here’s my theory. I think that Google has given “a pass” to those big publishers that they are accepted and they don’t need to meet other criteria to rank. And then for smaller sites, they’ve crafted some odd sort of criteria that it’s not okay to have a blog that has as it’s only source of revenue ad income (such as from Mediavine). This is bizarre, because that is literally how the big sites make their money – so why is it okay but not for smaller sites?

I digress. Some of the things I think they might be using as ranking factors for smaller sites are heavy use of first person language (mine, my, ours, I, etc.) and comments on the blog post. In the case of those two blog posts, one has comments and the other does not. Beyond that it’s anyone’s guess.

One thing Google has said is to create content that people who already know about your brand would want to go and read. In other words, don’t use search as a lead gen strategy? Who knows.


  • Organic search traffic: 1.2k
  • Backlinks: 12.8k
  • Organic Keywords: 2211
  • MOZ Domain Authority: 32



  • Mediavine: $603.10 ($905.86)
  • Pageview RPM: $32.04 ($22.52)

My RPMs are actually higher than they’ve ever been, so if I could just get my traffic to go back up things would be looking good!


  • Amazon OVERALL: $24.03 ($147.63): This is a drastic drop that doesn’t seem to be all to do with lower traffic. My theory is that when Amazon changed over to not using Site Stripe and I had to redo everything with AAWP, it has affected my click throughs to Amazon. Which is weird because Site Stripe was also pictures. But I have a feeling that links perform better than pictures, especially when there is some “mystery” that gets people to click.
  • Betterhelp: $0 ($0) and 1 conversion.
  • ShareASale: 0 (0)
  • Awin:  $2.69 ($2.26)
  • Social Self: 0 ($603): They did a changeover of their payment system and not sure all the bugs are worked out because I did not receive any payment in April.
  • Skimlinks: 0
  • Clickbank: $10.62 – This is for Natural Stacks (vitamin supplier)

Affiliates Overall: $37.34 ($752.89)

So this was a pretty abysmal month for affiliates. I do need to get better with affiliates and how best to promote them.


Teachable Products

Total Teachable Revenue: $260.31 ($219)

I ran a “final sale” on my Social Anxiety course at $17 because I had the idea that I would shut it down and convert it to just an ebook to sell at like $27 (with bonuses). Part of my decision making process is the fact that I can’t afford the cost of the high level Teachable subscription right now, so I thought if I went down to one course I would be saving money. I also saw Ruth Soukup shutting down her Living Well Spending Less site and selling a bundle of everything for $47.

In hindsight, I think this was a premature solution for my problem. The Teachable account I have right now is severely limited (5 each of courses and digital downloads) so I’m going to have a to make a decision. I don’t mind limiting myself to 5 courses (I think) but the digital download limit is not going to work. I also question is Teachable is the best way to sell my digital products.

But – I REALLY don’t like switching platforms for things. My overall perspective is that I want the “best” platform for the specific thing I want it to do because I find that they are innovative in that area. For example, I’ll stick with Mediavine for ads because I feel they are really invested in what they do. Same with Convertkit.

I like the Teachable platform overall and I’m scared if I change to something else and don’t like it then I’ll be stuck. One option might be to add in something else while keeping Teachable – maybe Shopify or Stan Store or something like that. I do like Etsy but feel at some point it would be limiting. I also like Patreon! Just not sure.

One thing I try to think of is where have I personally bought things from as a consumer. If I like a platform as a consumer that’s a good sign. I’ve bought from Shopify. I’ve bought off Tik Tok from Stan Store! I’ve bought off Etsy. I’ve bought things that are hosted on Kajabi (actually really like their app). I’ve bought off Teachable. I don’t think I would consider Podia or Thinkific because I’ve never used them.

To me they are all best at what they do though.

  • Shopify – A collection of things where you can buy more than one.
  • Stan Store – Sell right from your Tik Tok account (hmmm maye I should do this just for Tik Tok). Stan Store also does courses which is really intriguing to me – and I believe it is unlimited. I could potentially duplicate everything into Stan Store while keeping Teachable and then transition if Stan Store is working.
  • Kajabi – All in one course platform for people who want to use their email, landing pages etc.
  • Etsy – Handmade or kitschy, chance to get seen in search. Social proof from reviews.
  • Teachable – One solution for courses, downloads, coaching etc. I find it easy to go back into Teachable and find things I’ve purchased.

Etsy Products

  • Total Etsy Revenue: $29 ($42)

Tik Tok Series

Total Series Revenue: $2.78

Products overall: $292.09 ($261)

Total income: $932.53 ($1919.75)

  • Income per subscriber: $0.15 ($0.38)
  • Income per thousand pageviews: $42.38 ($42.66)
  • Percent of income from ADS: 65%
  • Percent of income from Affiliates: 4%
  • Percent of income from Products: 31%

As I have always known, my income per pageviews is good but my income per subscriber is really bad. I don’t know how to properly monetize my list which makes me reluctant to grow it. That’s a problem!

Also – this is my first time calculating the split between ADS, affiliates, and products. It’s not bad but I’d like to see the percentage from products get to 50%.

Monthly expenses:

  • Email (Convertkit): $99
  • Leadpages: $55.37
  • Jasper AI: $14.70
  • Teachable: $59
  • Canva: $12.54
  • Siteground Hosting: $34.99
  • Site Backups from iMark Interactive: $12

You’ll note that I’ve made some cutbacks on expenses. I did this because my income has taken a plunge and therefore I need to cut back where I can. I downgraded my Teachable plan. I got a reduction on Jasper but I think I will cut it out. I downgraded iMark Interactive but again think I will cut it out. I cancelled my Income School subscription. I’ve cancelled my Keysearch subscription but still use the free version.

I’m considering what to do about Teachable & Leadpages. I’m wondering about just using Stan Store to be honest. Convertkit I’m trying to get to pay for itself by using their Ad program and recommendations program. Canva I will keep forever and forever! It’s the best and if you don’t already have it please just get it. If Canva offered more products I would totally buy them, they are awesome. They don’t have an affiliate program anymore so I’m not getting paid to say that (and never was).

Also – I could reduce some of these expenses if I were to pay annually. But I would need the income to do that.

Total expenses: $287.60 ($351.70)

Net blog income: $644.93 ($1568.05)

Thoughts about this month’s income report:

It’s pretty bad! There’s actually a time I would have been happy at this level of income but having seen how much higher it can be that’s a real problem.

Did I Meet my Goals for April?

I need to get back to goal setting. I’ve been struggling in this area because it feels like nothing is working.

Goals for May:

Just to try and figure this whole thing out.

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